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Want to scale your business, but don’t know where to start?

  • Tired of trying strategies that just don’t work?
  • Struggling to find the resources to scale your brand profitably?
  • Struggling to spend more money on advertising while maintaining a profitable acquisition cost?

Here’s how we work:

1. Decide which type of help you need

We’ve found that in general people need help in one of 3 ways. They need help using a proven approach to scale their ads.

2. Pick a Product or Service

Do you need software to help you run ads, guidance on how to advertise better, or someone to run your advertising for you?

3. Scale Your Business

Choose the the approach that best fits your business below, or let us help guide you accordingly.

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Do It Yourself

Use approaches implemented by some of the world’s best media buyers with software that helps you buy Facebook ads just like they do.

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Unlock courses, coaching, and consulting services to help you connect with award- winning marketers that can help your business grow to the next level.

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You’ve got a business that’s thriving, and you’re seeking a premium partner that can help take your advertising to the next level.

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There’s a better way to scale your business – and it’s easier than you think.

Wherever your business is at, we’ve got the right products and services to help you scale your business profitably.

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Don’t settle for doing things the way you’ve always done them. With ScaleThat, you’ll get a new, expert perspective on how to grow your business.

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Find the right combination of resources, coaching, and strategies that will help you achieve your business goals.

Scale profitably (and at your pace)

Stop wasting your time, energy, and money chasing cheap hacks. Let us help you find the right thing to scale, and ScaleThat.

We can help you scale your business the right way.

In every office we’ve worked in, we’ve built trust with clients and strive to understand where they want to go. We’ll provide an unbiased, honest look at your marketing strategy – and we can point you in the right direction.

Beau Haralson

Beau has over a decade of experience launching products and building brands both big and small.

Beau has over a decade of experience launching products and building brands both big and small including Google, Traffic & Conversion, DigitalMarketer, OfficeMax and many others. Over the years he’s worked with celebrities such as LeBron James and Arnold Schwarzenneger, and entrepreneurs that deserve to be celebrities, doubling dozens of businesses along the way. After exiting his first agency, Beau caught the vision to grow businesses of all sizes and co-founded ScaleThat, with the passion to create tools, training, and coaching for brands looking to scale, but don’t know what to scale.

Beau is the creative force behind all campaigns that ScaleThat Select works with. He regularly consults for brands, and is an oft-invited speaker sharing his unique approach to marketing strategy, campaign architecture, and generating traffic and conversions predictably.

Alex Herndon

Alex has been selling brands out of inventory for over a decade.

Alex has been selling brands out of inventory for over a decade. He has directly spent over $250M on ads generating some of the highest ROI for household brands like Dish Network, Backcountry, DigitalMarketer, and more.

He exited his previous agency, Amplio Digital at #182 on the Inc 500 fastest growing companies nationally. He’s currently spending ~$3M on ads per month and has a history of growing brands digital revenue by 25% within 60 days.

He’s well versed and consulted regularly for his expertise in Facebook Ads, Google’s Ad Properties, Amazon, and Programmatic buying.


spent on ads

Brands the Team has Worked With


Justin RondeauGM - DigitalMarketer

Taking on the paid media management for a company that teaches how to run ads is not a typical assignment. ScaleThat was up to the task. They immediately found significant efficiencies within Facebook ads while also initiating our first successful evergreen Google Ads strategy.

Tracey DanielHead of Marketing - Clarion Events

We’ve worked with ScaleThat for the last two years to drive ticket sales of the premier Digital Marketing gathering through paid media. They’ve delivered profitability every time, including during a time that the conference attendance goal grew from 5,000 to 10,000.

Lopa van der MerschFounder & CEO - Rasa

Through working with the ScaleThat team, we grew our Facebook Ads account by 10x with the ROI to match. It’s safe to say that they showed us what’s possible in the realm of Digital Advertising.

Thomas ShipleyCEO - Keranique

Within the first 6 months of working with ScaleThat, we’ve taken our $100M+ business to the next level. Alex and the team are always thinking about getting the most sales out of our six-figure budget but also how to scale it most efficiently.

Case Studies


  • Challenge: Revive a previously stagnant ad account after a period of no paid media strategy due to an all-star employee leaving.
  • Results: Defined a replicable paid media strategy and increased the efficiency of their cost per subscription to a profitable number.


Increase in Clicks


Decrease in CPC

Traffic and Conversion Summit

  • Challenge: Apply a multi-channel approach to quadruple the number of attendees for a conference who had previously marketed primarily through organic and word-of-mouth traffic.
  • Results: Defined a successful scaling strategy to replicate year over year.


Ticket sales below set Cost Per Ticket goal


  • Challenge: Recognized as the #1 Best Selling Hair Regrowth System for women, Keranique needed immediate profitable growth in the digital channel instead of solely relying on TV advertising.
  • Results: Within the first 60 days, ScaleThat Select doubled Keranique’s product revenue using existing assets. We’ve turned over 10k units within the first 6 months.


Increase in Orders


Decrease CPO


  • Challenge: Revamp an unprofitable, underutilized product line within the Keranique brand family.
  • Results: Within the first 90 days, we grew from selling 741 units/month to 5,185 units/month, increasing profitability 6x.


Increase in Orders


Decrease in CPO