ScaleThat is all about making marketing make sense. Not pitching something you don’t need because it “might” work. Not wasting your time and dollars for no return on investment.

The ScaleThat Founders

We’re here to get you set up with the right solution at the right time so you can scale your company the right way.

Beau Haralson


Beau has over a decade of experience launching products and building brands both big and small including Google, Traffic & Conversion, DigitalMarketer, OfficeMax and many others. Over the years he’s worked with celebrities such as LeBron James and Arnold Schwarzenneger, and entrepreneurs that deserve to be celebrities, doubling over 15 businesses along the way.

Beau is the creative force behind all campaigns that ScaleThat Select works with. He regularly consults for brands, and is an oft invited speaker sharing his unique approach to marketing strategy, campaign architecture, and generating traffic and conversions predictably.

Alex Herndon


Alex has been selling brands out of inventory for over a decade. He has directly spent over $200M on ads generating massive ROI for household brands like Dish Network, Backcountry, DigitalMarketer, and more. 

He exited his previous agency Amplio Digital, at #263 on the Inc 500 fastest growing companies nationally. He’s currently spending ~$1M on ads per month and has a history of growing digital revenue by 25% within 60 days. Alex is consulted regularly for his expertise in Facebook Ads, Google’s Ad Properties, Amazon, and Programmatic buying.

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